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Confessions of a Doggy Daycare Counselor

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a doggy daycare counselor? You see the adorable pictures of humans rolling around on the floor while puppies tumble all over them. A little bit of heaven, right? But what about the poop? The pee? And the knowledge one has to obtain in order to remember the needs and quirks of each dog that comes through those doors throughout the year! Read on to hear a few of our counselors spill their deepest doggy daycare secrets:

1. Do you ever get peed on?

Baby Milo (of Milo and Manhattan) enjoys the occasional happy pee when he sees me. Sometimes I think he aims for my shoes on purpose. – Alex

Yes, a couple of times. There was this one time I sat on the floor to play with the dogs in the little room. I checked the room to make sure there was no pee, then I started playing with Pompy. She charged my face and I fell back onto the floor. When I sat back up, pee was dripping down my neck and all in my hair. I had to go into grooming and Adrianna, the bather, had to clean me up! – John

Absolutely. If you’re not getting peed on, you’re not having fun! – Crystal

I love it when the dogs pee on me; it lets all the other dogs know which camp counselor belongs to who. – Hellen

2. How many times have you stepped in poop?

Luckily, I haven’t! But, I have caught it by accident. I dropped a bag of poop one day when a pup jumped up and knocked it out of my hand … Out of instinct, I reached out and I caught a piece of poop that had fallen out of the bag with my bare hand. – Alex

A few times, and it’s always when I have the ribbed shoes that really hold onto it, too. – John

3. Are there certain breeds that are the life of the party?

Yes. Bulldogs with their crazy shenanigans, which are always entertaining. One day, a bulldog picked up a full water bowl and ran around the room, spilling water everywhere. All of the counselors started chasing him, comically slipping in the water the whole time! – Alex

Frenchies and Welsh Terriers, with all their energy and instigating! – John

Usually the ‘Squish Face’ dogs like Frenchies and Bulldogs. – Crystal

4. Do you have favorites?


I would say yes, but it just ends up being all of them. – Hellen

I plead the fifth. – Crystal

Yes. So many favorites! – John

5. Do you ever notice that the dogs are similar to their parents? 

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! – Hellen

6. What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen a dog do? 

I’ve seen dogs get so distracted with playing or looking at something that they’ll walk straight into the walls and then look at it like “who put that there?” – Crystal

When Bear (Frenchie) wants to sit on the bench but Bruno is already there, Bear will bounce on his hind legs and make the silliest barking noises. – Alex

Use each other as pillows or chairs. They love to sit on each other, and they especially love to use the fluffier guys as pillows! – Hellen

7. Tell us your best story of an experience that only a Doggy Daycare worker would have!

A daily cycle of “vomit, pee, poo.” They’re the three main times in my day, like breakfast, lunch and dinner! – Crystal

I love how the dogs call for attention when you’re busy talking with another camp counselor. For example, Charlie the Bulldog tends to jump off our ramps and head-butt you in the butt or back if you are not paying attention to him. And Pompy will stick her whole tongue in my mouth when I’m trying to speak with another counselor. – Hellen

I love making a weird noise while they’re all playing and running around, and then watching them all stop at the exact same time and turn and cock their heads in every direction. – John

The best experience I’ve had as a counselor is when it’s nap time in the big dog room and you cuddle up with one of the big guys and slowly all the others come to cuddle up too. Then suddenly you’re surrounded by 20 dogs in a big cuddle pile. The love that these guys have for us is undeniable, and my love for all the pups here at camp is unbreakable. You feel so safe and loved when they all curl up with you. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. – Alex

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