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Camp Canine’s Digital Yearbook

School’s out!

We asked you, our wonderful doggy pawrents, to submit your dog’s superlative for our first ever Camp Canine Digital Yearbook! The results were wacky and hilarious. Read ahead to meet our trend setter, class clown, and more:


Nacho ‘Most Dapper’

Fluffy ‘Best Hair’

Oliver ‘Most Likely to Think He Lives at Camp’










Fiona ‘Miss Congeniality’

Patches ‘Best Dressed’

Linus ‘Most Likely to Climb Mt. Everest’








Petey ‘Most Likely to Hear the Gossip First

Piper ‘Most Likely to be the First Female President’

George ‘Most Likely to win The Voice’

















Jean Luc ‘Best Snorter’

Baxter ‘Most Likely to Attend Burning Man’

Snickerdoodle ‘Most Likely to Wear a Crown for No Reason’













Cassie ‘Most Likely to Have Tea with the Queen’

Rita ‘Most Likely to Check the Thread Count’

Anny ‘Wisest Sage’














Milo ‘Most Likely to be a GQ Model’

Leroy ‘Most Likely to Call Shotgun’

Pluto ‘Class Clown’












Petey ‘Most Likely to Set the Fall Trends’

Willow ‘Most Athletic’

Strudel ‘Best Eyes’













Rascal ‘Most Likely to Object to a Change in Routine’

Quinn ‘Best Dancer’

Libby ‘Most Likely to be Camp’s #WCW’












Harley ‘Best Baller’

Bruno ‘Most Likely to be a Bouncer’

Louise ‘Most Likely to Own a Fortune 500’




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