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A Reiki Master at Camp

Introducing the newest part of the Camp Canine experience: Dog Reiki! We have an in-house Reiki Master, Brenda, who is also a Counselor and Walker here at Camp. This means that she truly knows and cares for the dogs here and will be able to attend to their individual needs. 

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is energy healing – used to assist distraught dogs in regulating their energy, or to maintain a good balance in a dog who is already well-adjusted. Reiki is done through a knowledge of the eight chakras that regulate specific parts of the dog’s body.

What can I expect after my dog has a session? 

During a Reiki healing session, the dog may become very relaxed and sometimes will fall asleep. Other times, the dog will become invigorated and energized after the session has concluded. Each dog will react in a way that the Reiki energy best suits them. This type of healing can be used by dogs of all energy levels – whether they need to release anxiety, adjust to new life circumstances, maintain happiness, or something else entirely, our Reiki Master will be able to assist them on that journey. 


How often should they do it? 

You can sign your dog up for one session, or for a series of sessions. Of course, the more sessions, the more results you’ll see; but you could also see results after just the first session. 


Brenda took the time to introduce herself and tell you more about her experience with reiki:

“Hello everyone! My name is Brenda and I love your dogs! I am a Counselor and Walker at Camp Canine; in addition to my wonderful job here, I am also a certified Reiki Master and Practitioner for both animals and people, though the initial reason I began studying Reiki is to help animals.

A little about my background: I spent most of my working life as an Administrative/Executive Assistant at various companies within Corporate America. I’ve always loved animals, but never had the opportunity to really consider what I could do for a living that involved animals. Despite having no experience bathing dogs, I secured a job as a bather in a grooming salon and within a few months I was working there full time. This is when my interest in Reiki began.

For those unfamiliar with Reiki: simply put, Reiki is a natural, completely non-invasive process of healing that originated in Japan centuries ago. It’s also known as energy healing. While it is by no means a replacement for traditional medical treatment, it does aid in healing, pain management, tissue regeneration, and stress/anxiety. Reiki promotes relaxation by loosening blocked energy caused by stress. There is some spirituality involved with Reiki but, for the most part, physics is primarily involved. (Many people feel the Reiki is associated with religion/religious beliefs, but this is not true. Meditation and mindfulness play a huge role in Reiki practice; your religious beliefs do not.)

The reason why this appealed to me is because it’s no secret that grooming salons can make pups nervous. Despite the groomers doing all that they can to ease the dogs into the process, sometimes there are dogs with nerves that cannot be calmed. After taking reiki classes and getting attuned, I began putting my gift to use on the dogs I came in contact with at work. My coworkers and I began noticing the difference immediately. Clearing my mind of any thoughts and concerns, channeling my energy, and gently placing my hands on the dog’s shoulder area or backend made a world of difference. Calmly repeating “you’re safe” helped as well. Soon, they are less fidgety and nervous, and seem to trust me and their groomers more.

Animals are extremely receptive to any type of energy healing because they are always living in the moment. They don’t overthink things or worry about the future the way we do. They also have an uncanny ability to sense your energy. I use their ability to my advantage and project positive, calm and healing energy during my sessions.

How to Book:

Our Reiki Master has priced her sessions at $150/dog.

These sessions will happen at Camp Canine on Sundays between 9am-1pm.

Interested in booking your dog’s personal Reiki session? Email or call (212)787-3647. 

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