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‘Why You Should Bring Your Pup to Camp Canine’ As Told From the Mouths of Camp Counselors

You can go online and read all sorts of reviews that our clients have left about their their pets’ lodging, daycare or salon experience. But now you can read reviews of Camp Canine, as told by one of the most important aspects of our business: our employees!

Our clients know that our services are unparalleled, but it makes us proud to know that our employees agree! Read on to hear our counselors, groomer and marketing manager tell you why they feel Camp Canine is the best place for you to bring your pet.


“All of our counselors are true doggie lovers and go out of their way to make Camp pups feel at home, comfortable and safe. We provide one-on-one time with fetch sessions, cuddle sessions and Central Bark walks. We give your pup individual time and attention, which helps them bond with their Camp Counselors. Camp Canine even provides Reiki (energy healing) services if your pup has anxiety, feeling a little under the weather, or recently underwent a medical procedure and can use some assistance with the healing process. Camp is a very tailored experience, and the results are a happy pup!” – Brenda, Counselor


“It’s no secret that Camp has been providing amazing service to our clients for 8 years, as many of our long time clients will tell you. But in addition to what our clients say, our staff has plenty of reasons you should bring your pup to camp! (Besides the fact that we always want more dogs to pet…) Camp is a small business, so we all work closely together as a team. The counselors and staff truly strive to create a supportive environment with each other so we each share responsibilities and pitch in, and this translates into the way we work with the dogs.  Since it’s a close knit environment, we like to have fun and keep a good attitude, and our dogs can feel the love! We constantly share info and perspectives on each dog, so we are able to best understand them and their needs. One of my favorite things about Camp as a Shift Lead is when I can talk to my coworkers to make our campers stays even better, like figuring out why a boarding dog doesn’t want to eat their evening meal (maybe someone had success with adding some water to it this morning! Or they were just napping in the playroom, and might be hungrier in a little while!) I also appreciate how we have the time and knowledge to truly understand each dog, rather than judging them mainly by size or breed, as could happen with a less individualized approach. For instance, despite their smaller size, we have found some of our Frenchies excel in the Big Dog Room!  We have recently had an influx bunch of puppies become members, after spending the first months of their live as quarantine puppies. I feel so much satisfaction from being able to recommend ways for parents to ease their pups into socializing at Camp. Together we come up with different strategies depending on the dog. Individualizing our approach to your dogs’ care is what makes Camp Canine unique!” – Maranda, Counselor


“Your pup should come to Camp because, if they can’t be with you, why shouldn’t they get to have a nice vacation while you’re on vacation?! Camp is where your pup will make 2 and 4-legged friends alike. Central Park is our backyard and your dog will have plenty of opportunities to experience that. Who wouldn’t want to wrestle around with a furry friend when feeling frisky, or cuddle up to a counselor when feeling calm? While your pup is at Camp, in addition to all the fun and games, treats, cuddles and kisses they will get, they can also be treated to a Spa Day! Your dog will be pampered, massaged, brushed out, spruced up and smelling delicious before coming back home to you – the perfect way to end their vacation.” – Melina, Groomer




“I have worked at Camp for just over a year now, and one of the biggest reasons I love it here is because of how tailored it is to creating personal relationships with each client and their dog.We truly know each and every one of our dogs and how best to make them happy and comfortable.As handlers, we take the time to check in with all the dogs throughout the day and from working with them one on one, I have seen extremely timid dogs and extremely high energy dogs learn how to socialize and feel at home at Camp.Whether your dog wants to play all day, or hang out with their favorite handler, or just nap and cuddle with their buddies, there is a place for them at Camp.As a Camp Canine handler, shift lead, receptionist, and cat room manager – I am here to make sure your pet is safe, happy, and well cared for!” – Alissa, Counselor




“Not only do our clients’ dogs have a safe and engaging place to spend their days when they come to Camp Canine, they also have so many fun events that they can attend! I think our clients and campers both really love the different activities that we have … the Spring Break Pawty and the Howloween Pawty … the Mother’s and Father’s Day photo shoots …. the crafts we have during the holidays. It all makes for a unique Camp experience like no other in NYC and – let’s face it – they get some great instagram content out of it too!” – Amanda, Marketing Manager




“I genuinely love being at Camp. The exciting and happy energies of the pups bring me joy every time I go in. Nothing beats seeing a dog dragging their owners towards Camp and seeing them eagerly run inside to have fun with other campers. If you choose to bring your pup to Camp, expect them to be flooded with cuddles and kisses and plenty of playtime in a room filled with new friends ready to wrestle and play tag. If you have a calmer pup that prefers alone time, we have plenty of room for them to enjoy their space and get all the love from us counselors!” – Melanie, Counsel0r




“I think camp is very beneficial to pups because of the socialization, love and care they receive here. So many dogs are happy to come – when they arrive, they bound down the steps to get to their friends. They actually look forward to seeing each other and playing. We have the craziest friend combos here. Like Libby, a pedigreed princess and Harley a rescue from the South. Two totally different dogs. Two inseparable best friends. Camp is also great for dogs who are less social the ones who love to see their humans. Like Scout, when he sees Counselor Dan, his whole demeanor changes. Dogs really do enjoy their time here where they can be social and get their energy out, so that they can go home and be the perfect little angels for their parents that we all know they are.” – Tammy, Assistant Manager


We are so thankful for our staff! They are the reason we can provide your pet with their favorite home-away-from-home.

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