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Camp Canine & Camp Feline’s 2021 Highlights

By Amanda G | December 15, 2021

This is it! 2021 has come to a close, and we did it! We got through; the good and the bad – we kept our staff safe as we battled…

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Meet our Reservations & Receptionist Staff!

By Amanda G | November 22, 2021

You may have noticed some new faces around Camp – all of whom are excited to get to know you and love your dog. In this blogpost, we’d like to…

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Meet our New Owner, Mike!

By Amanda G | October 27, 2021

Camp Canine and Camp Feline have undergone some major changes in the last few weeks; the most important of which is that we are now owned and operated by a…

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The Reign of Brand Ambassador Lizzo

By Amanda G | September 22, 2021

We’re currently in the midst of a campaign for our fourth Brand Ambassador! This time last year, Camp Canine appointed our third-ever brand ambassador; by popular choice (aka an internet…

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Meet our Client Experience Manager, Jaime!

By Amanda G | August 30, 2021

We have made a very exciting change here at Camp Canine: we have hired our first-ever Client Services Manager! Jaime came to us from Colorado and will, in many ways,…

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Learn More About this Camp Feline Kitty’s Life of Luxury

By Amanda G | July 18, 2021

Every so often, we welcome long-term guests to Camp. This year, our VIP Kitty Camper, Pua, will spend a total of four months with us while his loving mama is…

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