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Camp Canine Statistics

What is the most popular name at Camp? What about the most popular breed? You can learn all of that in more in this month’s blogpost: our study of Camp Canine Statistics!


Most Popular Name

We have 7 Lucys who regularly attend Camp! Here are just a few of them:

We have 6 Tobys who regularly attend Camp!

We have 5 Milos who regularly attend Camp!

We have 5 Buddys who regularly attend Camp!

We have 4 Chloes who regularly attend Camp!


Most Popular Name Trend

The most popular trend we’ve seen lately? Food names! And our Camp family has thought of them all. On any given day, we’re visited by Nacho, Jalapeño, Tamale, Chili – (that’s a whole recipe right there!) – Pickle, Snickerdoodle, Cheetos, TBone, Broccoli, Lunch Meat, Cookie, Kimchi, Ginger, Butter, Whiskey, Anise, Pepper, Babka, Potato, Noodle, Olive and Strudel!



TBone & Kimchi










Longest Name

The longest name at Camp has 12 letters,
and this statistic is awarded to: Pamplemousse!

Also known as ‘Pompy’

Biggest Dog

Henry weighs in at 126 lbs, making him the largest Camper!

Smallest Dog

Biggie Smalls weighs in at 4 lbs, making her the smallest Camper!

Who is the most elderly pup?

Noah is sixteen years young!


2 Most Popular Breeds:

French Bulldogs
Australian Shepherds








2 Most Popular Mixes:

Poodle-Mix (aka the ‘doodles’)











How many Central Bark walks done daily?

On average, we take 7-10 dogs out on Central Bark walks every day!


How many Fetch Sessions done daily?

On average, we play with 3-5 dogs in our Fetch Room every day!


How many pups love Camp?

All of them!

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