The Unsung Heroes of Camp Canine

By Amanda G / July 23, 2019

Camp Canine is a team: every employee pulls an equally important amount of weight in order to keep the machine that is your pup’s home-away-from-home running! But sometimes our “behind…

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Learn More About Puppy Playgroup

By arodriguez / July 15, 2019

Written by Stephanie Teed My name is Stephanie and I’m a class instructor from Andrea Arden Dog Training! I’m super excited to be featured on the Camp Canine’s blog and…

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An Exclusive Look at Camp Canine Behind-the-Scenes

By Amanda G / May 17, 2019
Woman holding a pug

Written by Maranda Palazzetti Hey everyone! I’m Maranda—you probably know me from Camp, where I’ve worked with our pups and cats since last summer. Now that this thing called ~getting…

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Camp Canine: Then & Now

By Amanda G / April 15, 2019
Staff member hugging a dog

This month Camp Canine celebrated seven years under the ownership of our Top Dog Tania! In seven years, so much has changed – from facility upgrades, to more opportunity for…

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Meet Our VIP Kitty Campers!

By Amanda G / March 25, 2019
Sleepy cat in a basket

Did you know we have a VIP Suite for our kitty campers? It’s a spacious room featuring comfy beds, chairs, scratching posts, greenery, toys and a window overlooking the rest…

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The Hidden Talents of our Camp Canine Staff

By Amanda G / February 25, 2019
woman in a renaissance costume; woman playing the flute; man and woman singing; woman on a raft

Katie: 3D Modeling Born in California, raised in Central New York and adulting in NYC, Katie loves all things Batman, Star Wars and, of course, dogs!!! Katie’s friend Charlie, a…

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Five Things Your Dog May Be Telling You

By Amanda G / January 11, 2019
Staff member playing with dogs

Written by Lara Sullivan “I’m an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer and supporting member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I teach and assist group classes and play…

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Camp Canine’s 2018 Highlights

By Amanda G / December 8, 2018
Dog posing for camera in front of Camp Canine

This is it! 2018 has come to a close. And we’ve been able to spend it with the best campers, pawrents and staff around. From snowy Central Bark walks to…

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What’s in our Pawp-Up Shop?

By Amanda G / November 20, 2018
Pawp-Up Shop items for sale

The holidays are coming, and we’ve been busy preparing a place for you to meet the needs of your furry friends’ holiday wishes! Do you have a furbaby? A grandpup?…

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