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Top Dog Tania was Featured on WCBS Newsradio 880

By Amanda G | October 29, 2018

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Top Dog Tania’s Life-Saving Trip to Puerto Rico

By Amanda G | October 26, 2018
Woman with a rescue dog from Puerto Rico

Last month, Top Dog Tania, owner of Camp Canine and Chairman of the Board at Animal Lighthouse Rescue, traveled to Puerto Rico to visit El Faro de los Animales. El Faro is the sister-sanctuary of Animal Lighthouse Rescue located on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. They are the ‘on the ground’ rescue and rehabilitation…

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10 Things You May Not Know About Camp Canine

By Amanda G | September 26, 2018
Camp Canine logo

1. We have VIP Cat Lodging We have an entire room dedicated to our VIP camper: the VIP cat room is a spacious private room. It features a choice of comfy beds and chairs, scratching posts, greenery, toys, and a window overlooking the rest of our cattery. These VIP guests are treated like royalty!  …

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Meet Dr. Lisa Lippman

By Amanda G | August 22, 2018
woman holding a dog

We’re excited to introduce Dr. Lisa Lippman: house call veterinarian, social media influencer, small business owner and good friend of Camp Canine. Dr. Lisa doesn’t just treat many of our campers in their own homes, she is also Animal Lighthouse Rescue‘s on-call vet. And, to top it all off, she has her own podcast, has…

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Camp Canine Statistics

By Amanda G | July 19, 2018
pug; woman holding a small black dog; black and white dog;

What is the most popular name at Camp? What about the most popular breed? You can learn all of that in more in this month’s blogpost: our study of Camp Canine Statistics!   Most Popular Name Lucy We have 7 Lucys who regularly attend Camp! Here are just a few of them: Toby We have…

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Where Are They Now?

By Amanda G | June 11, 2018
A dog and his family

We are involved in rescue efforts here at Camp Canine, and we regularly take in homeless dogs to give them a temporary home with lots of love and attention until they are adopted. If you’ve ever visited our facility, you’ll see our ‘Wall of Fame’ commemorating the 100+ dogs that we’ve fostered and re-homed. Now,…

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