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Meet Dr. Lisa Lippman

By Amanda G / August 22, 2018
woman holding a dog

We’re excited to introduce Dr. Lisa Lippman: house call veterinarian, social media influencer, small business owner and good friend of Camp Canine. Dr. Lisa doesn’t just treat many of our…

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Camp Canine Statistics

By Amanda G / July 19, 2018

What is the most popular name at Camp? What about the most popular breed? You can learn all of that in more in this month’s blogpost: our study of Camp…

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Where Are They Now?

By Amanda G / June 11, 2018
A dog and his family

We are involved in rescue efforts here at Camp Canine, and we regularly take in homeless dogs to give them a temporary home with lots of love and attention until…

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Camp Canine’s Digital Yearbook

By Amanda G / May 24, 2018

School’s out! We asked you, our wonderful doggy pawrents, to submit your dog’s superlative for our first ever Camp Canine Digital Yearbook! The results were wacky and hilarious. Read ahead…

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A Day in the Life of a Groomer

By Tania Isenstein / April 9, 2018
Woman hugging 2 dogs

Written by Amanda Gay I spent two days shadowing Camp Canine’s groomer, Sarah, as she worked with every dog – from giant Labradoodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs to tiny Mikis…

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We Love These Dog-Centered Businesses!

By Tania Isenstein / March 22, 2018

We work closely with a lot of dog-centered businesses. From pet photography, to dog-friendly cakes, to luxury dog treats, these businesses provide us with many unique services. For this blogpost,…

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Our Clients Tell Their Best Camp Stories

By Tania Isenstein / February 21, 2018

Our clients – both four-legged and two-legged – are the reason we do what we do. For this blogpost, we asked our camp pawrents to share their fun, funny, heartfelt, goofy…

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Meet the Staff’s Pets

By Tania Isenstein / January 26, 2018

Our employees care for your pets as if they’re their own. They treasure the kisses, the cuddles, and the play times. Here, we show you the special critters our staff…

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Camp Canine's 2017 Highlights

By Tania Isenstein / December 14, 2017

What an eventful year! From Central Bark walks through the beautiful park in all sorts of seasons, to welcoming numerous new members and puppies into our family; and from celebrating…

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